Learning of Various Banking Nuances Through Online Programs

Learning of various Banking Nuances through Online Programs

Banking is identified to be a sector that generates diverse employment opportunities for those who reflect apt knowledge of banking systems, processes and operations. The above reason accounts for growing interest among candidates for pursuing a career in the banking sector. Candidates from different academic streams like arts, science, commerce and also engineering are observed to pursue banking courses for getting duly employed in the banking organizations. The diverse banking programs offered online by different online schools associated to business and management reflect effective nuances that help in readying candidates for earning needed capability to perform effectively.

Program on Commercial Banking

The Commercial Banking Programs are duly designed for providing diverse banking services at the individual, business and institutional levels. The Commercial Banking sector generates large scale employment opportunities for the right type of candidates in terms of maintaining business relations and interactions with potential clients. Career opportunities like sales of credit cards and other financial services, banking, leasing, international finance and trade credit become available to candidates that have duly completed the program.

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Program on Masters in Banking and Finance

An online business degree in a program like that of Masters in Banking and Finance is considered to be comprehensive in nature. The program contributes in imparting needed knowledge and skills associated to the banking and finance industry as a whole. The program is pursued by candidates that have basic knowledge of finance and thereby is interested to pursue a career in such.

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Program on Investment Banking and Capital Markets

The online program on Investment Banking and Capital Markets is especially designed for candidates that are interested in becoming hardcore finance professionals. The program is potentially designed to encompass aspects like Credit Analysis, Investment Banking, Equity Research, Project Finance and Capital Markets amongst others.

investment banking and capital markets globsyn business school online

 Program on Banking Management

An online business management degree in Banking Management contributes in generating an effective groundwork for helping students to pursue career in general banking. The banking management course as a whole encompasses different aspects and areas of banking and other financial services and is designed to help the participants gain access to effective managerial positions.

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Banking and Finance Programs in GBS Online

GBS Online or Globsyn Business School Online, the virtual arm of Globsyn Business School (GBS) offers different online courses under three major verticals like management, vocational and foreign language. Currently, GBS Online is offering two different Finance and Banking Courses along two different verticals like Management and Vocational Courses respectively. The finance and banking programs offered in by the online business school are Financial Markets and Investments and Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator respectively.

The programme on Financial Markets and Investments designed by GBS Online focuses on helping students develop a problem-solving approach and analytical mindset for resolving financial issues and problems. Further, the course is also designed to equip students gain knowledge on the operations of the global financial market and also develop potential in cross-cultural enhancement and network building. The successful completion of the program will help participants gain access to career opportunities like financial market analysts, fund managers, portfolio advisors, technical and stock analysts.

The programme, Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator (BCBF) acts as online business training for development of business correspondents and business facilitators. The course focuses on enhancing the level of awareness for identification of the right type of customers for the bank. Further, the programme also aims in enhancing the counselling skills of the BCs and BFs for guiding the customers on banking operations and transactions. It offers diverse career options to the participants like banking consultants and also to operate as business correspondent and business facilitator for banking institutions.

The discussion carried out reflects on the nuances of the different online programs carried out by online schools in the ambit of banking and finance. It also directs on the various career opportunities that the programs present to the participants on their final completion of the courses.

Globsyn Business School based in Kolkata is recognised as the country’s only ‘Corporate B-School’. Over the years GBS has been recognized by the industry academia fraternity, and conferred with prestigious titles and awards as a token for its academic brilliances. It has been ranked among the Top 50 B-Schools in India, and Top 5 B-Schools in Eastern India as per the Best B-School Survey 2020 carried out by Business India. Recently, the B-School has been recognized as ‘Best B-School with Academic Excellence in Eastern India’ at the Asia Education Summit & Awards 2021. These acknowledgements always encourage and motivate the B-School to stay ahead of the learning curve.

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