Mistakes that Students should avoid while Learning Online

Mistakes that Students should Avoid while Learning Online

The incidence of the Covid-19 Pandemic has contributed to the potential growth of enrolments in online learning programs from March 2020. Online education has gained prominence in that it helps students to participate in learning programs from safe and distant learning environments and also with needed flexibility. The need for carrying out study activities in an online seethe online learning has rendered both the potential benefits as well as challenges for the students. In terms of benefits, the students participating along becomes effectively acquainted with technical aspects, novel pedagogies and learning frameworks associated with the education. On the contrary, students pursuing their education online may face considerable challenges regarding time management, ownership generation and accountability and also in carrying out their activities in a self-disciplined manner.

Thus, it is essential for the learners to understand the common mistakes that are generally committed while carrying out studies in an online setting such that it creates needed awareness and thereby helps in enhancing the level of learning effectiveness online.

Not Focusing in Making Notes

Learning based on the application of digital devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops happens to generate potential distractions for students owing to the frequent popping up of notifications, messages and even in terms of sudden calls happening during class hours. Despite such challenges the students are required to continually focus in generating class notes while carrying out their learning based on the application of mediums like PDF documents, videos, podcasts, presentations and others. The practice of making notes ideally contributes in enhancing information retentiveness, carrying out thinking and information processing more effectively, posing enquiries and also in enhancing the level of memory and creativity. Likewise, the practice of making notes also helps the students in carrying out revisions easily and thus helps in saving time.

Inability in Carrying out Needed Research

The students often tend to suffer owing to their lack of focus in carrying out needed research associated with the training or projects rendered by the online school programs. Students are required to carry out necessary research associated with the learning contents, blogs, published articles, and also based on the reviews to meet their knowledge requisites.

Hesitating from Enquiring Doubts

Students participating in online studies are needed to work with needed agility. In that, the students must clarify their doubts by posing questions to the online instructor or tutor and thereby in resolving their doubts and problems instantly. The practice of posing questions ideally contributes in enhancing the level of engagement of the student in the online learning program while also increases the level of critical thinking and analysis.

Not Completing Assignments within a Stipulated Timeframe

Different types of activities like exercises, assignments and projects are incorporated by the online schools for keeping the students engaged and also in making them think and act critically. The assignments are however prepared in such a manner as to help students complete such in a comfortable way based on their availability. However, if the students tend to gain the advantage of such flexibility regarding completion of the assignments rather than completing them within a stipulated timeframe, it will reduce their time management efficiency and productivity. Thus, it is required for the students to manage needed time for ideally completing the assignments within a given timeframe and not to extend it based on their whims.

Not Taking Adequate Breaks

The participants of online learning programs are required to take adequate breaks. The continual exposure to radiation generated from laptop or smartphone screens often tends to affect the health of the students causing ailments like pain in eyes and headaches. Moreover, continually sitting for hours before such mediums also leads to other problems like backache. During the break hours the students can engage them in doing some stretching exercises, meditation, listening to music and also chatting with family members and friends. The same helps in reducing stress levels and thereby in developing needed focus and interest in carrying out online studies.

Online Study Courses by GBS Online

Globsyn Business School Online (GBS Online), the virtual arm of Globsyn Business School (GBS) offers different online courses under the verticals of Management, Vocational Skills and Foreign Language.

GBS Online confers some distinct advantages to the students pursuing programmes from its portal in the form of learning flexibility. Depending on one’s flexible time, space and pace, learners can access study materials in an asynchronous manner. The sessions of the courses are developed based on the incorporation of effective class notes or handouts rendered in the form of PDF Files along with other documents like key takeaways, reading and video materials and assignments. The same encourages the students to take needed notes and also feel to be highly engaged.

Further, the MCQ based assignments rendered over the GBS Online Portal provides ample opportunity to the students in completing them chronologically before proceeding over to the subsequent sessions. The portal continually encourages its students to complete the assignments within an effective time. Completion of the assignments within a stipulated time schedule enhances the focus of the students and also their efficiency regarding self-learning and time management.

Online education has become the ‘new normal’ in the current educational scenario across the globe. Students thereby must focus in reducing the chances of committing mistakes, discussed above, for gaining the most out of the different courses rendered by portals like GBS Online.

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