Way of Producing Effective Videos for E-Learning Courses

Way of Producing Effective Videos for E-Learning Courses

The production of videos for e-learning courses ideally contributes in meeting enhanced learning needs of students enrolling for different online study courses. The production of tutorial videos effectively helps in virtually conveying learning resources to the students based on engaging and motivating them in learning new aspects. The making and editing of videos for e-learning courses are discussed in detail as under:

Making of E-Learning Videos

The considering factors for making e-learning videos are as follow:

Outlining of the content for e-learning videos

Before making the e-learning videos, effective focus needs to be taken regarding the generation of the outline along with the incorporation different types of audio-visual elements for conveying the message in an appropriate fashion to the potential target audience. The outlining will also help to understand the time, effort and also the resources needed for the production of such videos.

Matching the video with the e-learning course content

Effective focus needs to be undertaken regards to integrating the video for the e-learning courses such that they potentially contribute in meeting the aims and objectives of online studies. The e-learning videos needs to be developed for meeting diverse objectives like generating information about the overview of the course and also in summarizing the content rendered along the different sessions.

Encouraging Interaction, Engagement and Attentiveness

The e-learning applications developed by the online schools ideally focus on the incorporation of effective tools that encourage the growth of interactivity, participation and also the degree of attentiveness of the students. The incorporation of pauses allowing participants to contemplate and think on the aspects discussed, use of polls and also the involvement of question-answer sessions rightly help in meeting the stated objectives.

Providing a Check for Redundancies and Repetitions

The efficacy of the e-learning videos is sustained in terms of reducing the chances of repetitions and redundancies of the contents generated. The discussions made in the videos regarding the concepts and aspects must be checked repeatedly by paying attention to the details and thereby making necessary editions wherever required. Effective visuals and tables can be incorporated from time to time for reducing the chances of redundancies and also avoiding repetition of narrated content.

Incorporation and Integration of Equipments

The best quality videos can be produced for meeting the learning needs of participants of different online learning programs based on the incorporation of quality video and speech generation tools. Quality cameras are required to be incorporated for the generation of high-definition videos with also the use of tripod and effective microphones helping in meeting the objectives of video recording and sound generation. The production of quality videos for online studies also requires the incorporation of effective lighting and also needed editing skills for generating finishing touches.

Editing of E-Learning Videos

The key elements noted below are required to be incorporated for effectively editing the e-learning videos such that the same meets the objectives of the online study courses.

Using of subtitles and enhancing clarity

The incorporation of subtitles can be made by the editor such that the same helps in effectively narrating the video contents for enabling better understanding of the video by the target audiences. The editor is also required to use effective software for generating of clarified content in terms of reducing the level of distortion involved.

Shortening the length of the e-learning videos

The generation of shorter and to-the-point videos ideally contributes in keeping the target audience duly engaged. The introductory video is generally prepared for duration of 2 to 3 minutes while the session videos are generally prepared for a max of 8 to 10 minutes.

Integration of background music and visual effects

The editor also needs to focus on incorporation of background music and visual effects for making the videos attractive and engaging in nature. The integration of such additional features contributes in rightly appealing to the audience of the online schools.

Enhancing accessibility of the e-learning contents

The editing and technology team involved in the designing of the online school programs should focus on creating digital responsive contents such that the same can be accessed from and along different internet enabled devices. The files are also needed to be effectively compressed such that the people those suffer from slow connection can easily access the same.

E-Learning Programmes at GBS Online

GBS Online or Globsyn Business School Online, the virtual arm of Globsyn Business School (GBS), offers different online courses under three major verticals like management, vocational and foreign language. The different e-learning programmes of GBS Online are well enriched with its quality learning contents and videos. The portal incorporates introductory videos for 2 minutes and videos for the respective sessions having duration of 10 minutes for each course. The different videos are developed by respective faculties using quality infrastructures while the editing team meticulously works in enhancing the quality of the videos based on carrying out sound and quality editing. The incorporation of effective videos helps effectively in appealing to the target audience of respective online study courses.

Effective care is essential for the production of videos associated with online learning courses such that the same helps in generating needed learning advantages to the students. The focused effort taken behind the production of effective and high quality videos adequately contributes in meeting the learning interests and needs of the students potentially.

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